Friday, October 21, 2011

Booster 100 Watt FM transmitter

You can use transistors 2SC2782 or 2SC2694. With input 20W power output 60-120 watts. Power Supply 13.8 V. Current drawn is about 12 amperes.

Need to be added to the cooling fan. To note are: the time to "tune" Do not forget to attach a dummy load (of course that big power). If forgetfulness, VC Trimmer can be guaranteed that the output to ground, a direct short. Consequently continues to know his own khan, Power supply directly protect for so short, LHA if power supply not equipped Protec how ....? directly damaged dong Regulatornya.Kejadian transistors is the same as when we are detached antenna connections, due to corrosion or mechanical damage.

As a result of faulty transistor regulator (short too, of course) will result in more fatal, voltage of the diode rectifier + ELCO which of course "without regulated" 30V for example, will immediately distribute to the Collector Transisfor Final Amplifier. dah depleted transistors.

So if for transmitter / power booster with a great need to use a power supply with a protector (over voltage / current), oh yes it is also necessary protector for SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) is high.

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